What I’m About: Talking about social and political philosophy, normative/applied ethics, and current events from those perspectives.

The Goal of my Discussions: Developing my philosophical perspectives, obviously. More importantly, showing the relevance of philosophy to current issues, along with the very beauty of philosophy itself.

Some Commenting Guidelines:

  1. Questions, Constructive Feedback, Etc — Things along those lines are all welcome and preferred.
  2. Asinine Comments — By which I mean comments that just consist in ad hominems or sarcastic remarks that indicate you didn’t really read anything I wrote. The first asinine comment I see from will get a patient reply. The next asinine remark, no matter who makes them, gets a cutting remark/correction. Any subsequent ones will not be accepted.

I’ll come up with more rules as I think of them, or as issues come up. But really, I just want us to have enlightening discourse.

Happy reading!

Ryan James Cook

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